Tuesday, September 29, 2009

be reasonable

What does it mean to accept responsibility? Lately I've been stuck in a cycle that involves a lot of self blame. Due to a series of events I've been left with very low income both for my personal life and for the making of this new show. i decided i needed to "take responsibility" for this and the only outcome that led to was feeling terrible about being broke. i know i am not alone, everyday i turn on the radio and hear people crying: they lost their house, they lost their job, they lost a loved one to the war, they couldn't get the health care they needed, the list goes on. but i am surrounded by those who believe your life is a direct manifestation of your will. what is the balance? what is the lesson? i have now absolved to create a budget for any project i undertake and decide before hand if it is reasonable to complete within the scope of my larger financial needs. this may involve saying no to certain opportunities, but i imagine that will be the true meaning of responsibility, because it will involve saying yes to meeting my needs.

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